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Fire Walking Motivational Training: Everyone should join!

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Fire Walking Motivational Training is a systematic program Simulation to increase personal motivation. It is relevant for either employee, sales team, and leaders in order to create breakthrough. This training program Simulation for sure will take you out of your “Comfort Zone”.

Fire Walking Motivational Training help us understand that we need overcome so many false believe. We call that illusion. Those are which stands between us and our goal. We often say it is impossible, it’s hard, while we don’t even try yet. We are stuck in so many fears and lies we tell our self. We are reasoning,  find reasons, excuse, create story for our lazy behavior, our incompetence, in facing challenges of life. This Fire Walking is a simulation an a therapy to conquer the fear within our self.

Fire in Fire Walking Motivational Training is the symbol of the challenge (our fear, laziness, bad habits, procrastination, doubt). Beat the fire and you beat the challenge that stand between your and your dream.

The result of this Fire Walking Motivational Training simulation:

  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Own courage to strive
  • Boost high initiatives
  • Destroy the fear of failure mindset
  • Sharpened skills and self potential
  • Set up beautiful future
  • Let you know how to walk on ‘fire’
  • Destroy any false believe (illusion) & let you know the right one
  • Let you know you that you can bet the fire
  • You can walk on fire
  • Help you to be the winner
  • Realized your potential
  • Know why some success and some failure
  • Know the foundation to success and what need to be left behind

This is a challenge by choice, our stands for you all is for you to do it. It is a true happiness for us during FIRE WALKING when 99% participants do it. Some perhaps would not do it. As company owner we know 1 % just doesn’t deserve the leader position. Some much more strategic as back office support which has lower effect to the critical business decisions.

Do you have any issue feeling mentally restricted? Having traumatize by pass experience and makes you in the slow track? You want to be more motivated and be more positive? Destroy all fear and be brave and courageous once and for all? That is exactly why you should do this Fire Walking Motivational Training!

What is Fire Walking Motivational Training?

Fire walking is a systematic therapy method to unleashed your potential by waking on burning coal. the track is about 3 meter. You will be walking (not running, or jumping) on a burning frame after instruction from the facilitator or the trainer. the fire is hot and burning like any other fire, no magic involve.

We start with indoor session with motivational session, and teamwork for around an hour before going to the main course breaking the mental block by walking on fire.

The burning flame warm and light the location of Fire Walking. This  building atmosphere can make you feel afraid to do it. Worries is irrelevant, it is hot but if you do it according to the instruction it would not burn you. Even small injury would not happened in this fire walking training.

Facilitator would demonstrate first how to do it. They will make sure you believe you can do it, you know it is harmless, and you do it in the corridor of safety procedure. Then the challenge is to have faith, build courage, and walk with confidence. Remember all your reason dream, goal, be at the sense of your destination, and follow the trainer guide.

Fire in Fire Walking Motivational Training indeed hot. But fear, in-confidence, low self esteem, unsure, indecisive, is more dangerous. We need to get rid them off or they will burn and destroy our dream future. Fire Walking Simulation is one of the most effective way to destroy them. Do it and you’ll understand, but never do it by yourself, always under professional supervision.

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Set up your #goal, master your #mindset, conquer your #fear and create your #BREAKTHROUGH!

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